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Sydney Branch commenced on 21st October 1979. It was the first of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community Branches and for some time was the heart of the Community. In the early years the vision was concentrated on working to serve the Church in Sydney. After a relatively short period of meeting in Pymble, the Community Gatherings took place in the Parish Hall at Waitara. The first clustering of houses took place in the suburb of Wahroonga.

Branches in Perth and Melbourne were founded when families were sent from the Sydney Community as a response to what we believe was a calling from the Lord.

The focus was, from the earliest days, on evangelisation. Sydney-wide Rallies were held, and these attracted large crowds at venues such as football stadiums. On occasions, 10 metre banners were strung up on the approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and other strategic locations to advertise the events. 

In 1983, the first Disciples of Jesus Summer School was held, in Sydney, with about 40 participants. In January 1997 there are 3 such Schools being held in 3 States with about 600 participants.

In 1986 the first Disciples Youth Mission Team commenced. Located in the southern cluster of the Sydney Branch (in the suburb of Mortdale) these young people have had an exciting involvement in youth evangelisation. In 1991 they commenced another Team on the other side of Australia, in Perth.

For some years, up to 1996, we have had a special ministry to the unborn through the provision of counseling services and accommodation for pregnant young ladies.

The Sydney members are located in a number of areas. Sunday Gatherings are held in Mortdale, Baulkham Hills, the Blue Mountains , and the Central Coast.


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